Unfiled taxes, taxes that are owed to the state or the IRS, and audits can wreak havoc on your life. You have the right to be represented anytime you are facing tax trouble, particularly if you are under audit, or you need to prove you don’t owe taxes. We know dealing with taxes is frustrating, and can be confusing. We can help provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you have someone familiar with tax law on your side.


Don’t wait until the IRS is threatening you with asset seizure, garnishments, or other actions, instead contact an attorney right away. The IRS has more collection authority than nearly any creditor and they will pursue collections aggressively.

If you’ve been notified you are going to be audited, contact an attorney immediately. It’s generally better for you to get someone working on your behalf as soon as you’re notified. Keep in mind, an audit may only be routine, but you’re never sure of that upfront. Should an audit go against you and the IRS claim you owe more money than you think, your attorney can also file an appeal on your behalf.

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