Family Law

Many people go years without ever needing to consult an attorney. Then, suddenly, they find themselves in the midst of a personal challenge that requires decisions that may affect the rest of their lives. If you discover you are in the middle of a life-changing event, you should consult with an attorney who not only knows the law, but who also listens to your individual needs.

Family Law

The Family Law attorneys at Ream, Carr, Markey, Woloshin, & Hunter, LLP assist clients who are experiencing major changes in their personal lives, such as divorce, custody, adoption, marriage and other issues. Our Family Law attorneys help clients understand their legal needs during these challenging times. First, they listen to your goals and what matters most to you. Then, they guide you and your family to help ensure that you achieve the results you want and need – now and for the future. We serve as your advocate, paying attention to your needs and fighting hard for your results – either through negotiation or aggressive litigation, if necessary.

Our attorneys resolve family law matters with understanding, agility, sensitivity and hands-on service. The law firm of Ream, Carr, Markey, Woloshin, & Hunter, LLP has an established tradition of high quality service and strong advocacy, coupled with the understanding and compassion necessary to assist clients as they confront legal issues in their daily lives.


If you are involved in or about to enter the divorce process, we can advise and represent you in your desire to reach the best outcome with the least amount of economic and emotional damage as possible. We are experienced with complex property division, large net worth divorce, and high conflict litigation cases.

Child Custody

Our firm is skilled in helping our clients obtain the best possible custody arrangements, which may include negotiating a custody agreement, filing an initial custody action, seeking modification of an existing court order, or seeking court intervention to enforce an existing court order. We are also experienced in cases involving grandparents or other non-parents who may have a right to pursue a custody action under certain circumstances.

Child Support

In most cases, child support amounts are determined by the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines. The most significant factors include each parent’s monthly net earnings or earning capacity, the number of children, and the number of overnights each parent has with the child(ren). In addition to basic child support, issues involving the child’s health insurance, medical expenses, child care expenses, and extracurricular activities are routinely addressed in child support orders.

Spousal Support, Alimony Pendente Lite and Alimony

Spousal support may be awarded to a spouse after a couple has separated regardless of whether a divorce complaint has yet been filed. However, there may be issues precluding an a person from receiving spousal support.

Alimony pendente lite (APL) may be granted after a divorce is filed regardless of whether the person is entitled to spousal support.

After the divorce is finalized and the assets have been divided, the court may award alimony for support and maintenance of the spouse, depending on the circumstances in each individual case.

The eligibility of a spouse to obtain support, APL, or alimony varies depending on the particular situation, which is why it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.


In instances where a biological parent is deceased, missing, unknown or has simply been uninvolved for a significant period of time, it may be in a child’s best interest to be legally adopted by a stepparent or other individual acting as a parent. In such situations, there is first a hearing to terminate the parental rights of the uninvolved parent. Once parental rights are terminated, the Court has an adoption proceeding, after which the birth certificate of the child reflects the name of the adoptive party rather than the natural parent whose rights have been terminated.

Protection from Abuse

We are experienced in domestic cases involving protection from abuse (PFA) issues. We have worked to protect the safety of people who are in need of protection and we have also defended the rights of those who have been wrongfully accused of domestic abuse.

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