Civil Litigation

Whether your case is a major lawsuit or a small claim, you’ll need to work with an attorney who provides aggressive civil litigation services.

Civil Litigation

Injury cases aren’t the only ones that fall under civil litigation. Land disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, and breach of contract claims also are handled by most civil litigation attorneys. Whenever you’re involved in a dispute with another party that can’t be resolved outside of court, the option is to seek the assistance of an attorney. This may be the only way to protect your rights, and increase the chances that you’re compensated for your losses.

While it is generally preferable to resolve matters outside of court, there are instances where it’s simply not possible. This is one of the reasons we are committed to providing aggressive representation for our clients. While we’ll be happy to try to resolve the issue outside of court, when it’s not possible, we’ll be fully prepared to represent your interests in court.

When you’re involved in a dispute in south-central Pennsylvania and need an attorney, contact the offices of Ream, Carr, Markey, Woloshin & Hunter LLP for skilled legal representation.

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