Business Law

Entrepreneurs who need immediate legal help often are uncertain where to turn. You need an experienced business attorney who understands the unique challenges you are facing. We provide a range of business law services including:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Assistance with company formation
  • Contract enforcement
  • Business succession planning

Business Law

Business owners will want to verify they’ve taken the proper steps to protect themselves personally against business-related lawsuits, and financial losses. This means working with an attorney who understands the various types of business entities and the protections offered by each. Remember, the type of business formed could determine your taxable liabilities, as well as impact the options you have when seeking business financing.

Contracts are the life-blood of every business. Whether it’s a contract with a business partner, key employers, or vendors, your rights must be protected. We’ll help you review contracts that were presented to you by outside vendors, or we can draft the contracts you need to protect your business interests.

Whether you’re just starting a business, or you have an existing business in south-central Pennsylvania, contact the law offices of Ream, Carr, Markey, Woloshin & Hunter LLP for help with all your business law needs.

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